Our Investment Management Process



1. Discovery Meeting


Here is where I learn your story, and you learn about myself and the firm. I ask questions to get to know you and your family, how you feel about risk, your objectives and overall investment time frame. I want a comprehensive picture of your financial life.

2. The Investment Plan


As a result of the in-depth discovery process, I will recommend the investments that are suitable for your time frame, risk tolerance, and match your goals. We then construct a customized financial roadmap to ensure your investments continue to align with your objectives.

3. The Communication Plan


We schedule regular portfolio and performance reviews. As well as periodic conversations on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis depending on the clients individual needs. I also communicate with the clients other professional advisors such as attorneys and CPAs.

4. Ongoing Monitoring (Managed Accounts only)


My clients can feel comforted knowing I closely monitor overall market trends, economic conditions, and investment performance. Clients will be notified if adjustments need to be made to their portfolio to improve returns, minimize tax consequences, increase income, and stay on course to help achieve their goals.